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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Mar 7, 2024

Today we look ahead to the 2024 Glass of Bubbly event in the company of Fair Organisers Christopher and Oliver Walkey. This year’s edition takes place at London’s Sheraton Hotel, Park Lane, on Tuesday 30 April 2024.

(00:00:08) Episode intro
(00:01:10) Glass of Bubbly Origin Story
(00:05:29) Business overview and growth over time
(00:11:50) Reaching younger drinkers
(00:07:03) Grower Champagne
(00:18:50) Wine Tastings in the regions
(00:22:15) Changes in major sparkling regions
(00:27:00) Preview of 2024 Glass of Bubbly
(00:40:48) Exhibitor advice
(00:45:29) Fair countdown

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Intro and outro music
The New Investors

GUEST CONTACT: Christopher and Oliver Walkey, Glass of Bubbly

Date recorded: 24 Feb 2024

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