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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Jul 26, 2023

I’m Lawrence Francis, Host of Interpreting Wine, welcoming you to Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) Special Episode, commissioned by for your listening pleasure by Wines of Bourgogne. During this special episode recorded in June 2023 we’ll be exploring the modern Bourgogne scene in the company of 2 producers from Bourgogne and Chablis, each holding key positions within the BIVB. Laurent Delaunay (co-President of the BIVB) and Anne Moreau (Co-President of the BIVB Communication Commission). We start the episode by looking at four key talking points for the region: Intergenerational Winemaking, Grower Diversity, Smaller Scale Winemaking and Broader Adaptations to climate change.

We then transition into 1:1 discussions with first Laurent and then Anne. Taking a deep dive into their domaines through the lens of Interpreting Wine’s Six Wine Stories. Looking at people, culture, geography, geology, viticulture and winemaking.

Undoubtedly the most up-to-date exploration of Bourgogne available anywhere in podcast format. Make sure you save this episode as I’m sure it will demand repeat listens to further your understanding of the Bourgogne region for months or even years to come. Enjoy!


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The episode kicks off with 

(00:00:08) Episode intro

(00:01:50) Talking Point 1: Intergenerational Winemaking

Talking Point 2: Grower Diversity

Talking Point 3: Smaller Scale Winemaking

Talking Point 4: Ongoing Change

(00:21:30) Maison Edouard Delaunay origin story

The role of Bourgogne Hautes Côtes in combating climate change

Cultural insight on the journey

Speculation and Price Stability

Future for Maison Edouard Delaunay

Climate adaptations learned from Languedoc

(01:12:30) Domaine Louis Moreau origin story

Experience of relocating to the region

Welcoming culture of Chablis

Chablis Terroir

Climate Adaptations

The next generation

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Intro and outro music
The New Investors

GUEST CONTACT: Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) Special Episode

Date recorded: Wed 28 Jun

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