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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Jun 28, 2023

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Iā€™m Lawrence Francis, Host of Interpreting Wine, welcoming you to a special episode focusing on the WSET Diploma D3, D4 and D5 Theory Exams. 

Today, Anne McHale MW covers the seven most commonly made exam mistakes based on her extensive analysis of the most recent examiners report. 

Anne describes examples of mistakes taken from past papers, and gives tips on how to address each of these.

As you may know, Anne runs a coaching programme to support students prepare for the D3, D4 and D5 theory exams called Diplomatherapy.

I have partnered with Anne to offer four exclusive bonuses for Interpreting Wine listeners who sign up to Diplomatherapy in 2023.

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(00:00:08) Episode intro

(00:01:14) Diploma Pass Rates from 2022

(00:04:30) Mistake #1: Not respecting the marking weightings give

(00:7:24) Mistake #2: Candidate not including learnings from D1, D2 AND D3, D4, D5

(00:11:42) Mistake #3: Not structuring your answers logically

(00:18:32) Mistake #4: Not including the right amount of detail in your answer

(00:23:52) Mistake #5: Inadequate knowledge of lesser-known regions

(00:27:55) Mistake #6: Not applying enough analysis in your answers

(00:32:47) Mistake #7: Not answering the question properly

(00:41:14) Diplomatherapy 2023 overview

(00:45:00) Interpreting Wine Exclusive Bonuses


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Date recorded: 21 June 2023

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