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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Jan 28, 2018

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Show notes: (02:00) Mike’s backstory and who the book is written for (07:43) Winewords, a bridge to WSET higher levels for non-native English speakers (11:40) How eight Masters of Wine helped Mike write the book (15:43) How the experience of writing the book changed Mike (19:00) Visiting Niepoort in Portugal’s Douro Valley (22:08) Next steps in the Winewords journey Mike’s bio: Mike Mazey is a former Winemaker from Australia and the lead-author of the textbook: WineWords – English for Wine Professionals and Wine Lovers. He specializes in teaching Wine English to wine professionals, in the form of workshops, courses and lessons. The aim of this training is to help non-native speakers of English to communicate about their wines in professional settings, such as wine tastings, vineyard and cellar tours, at trade fairs and through written communication. He is currently working on expanding the Wine English workshops and courses he runs to other neighbouring countries in Central Europe and hopes to establish this in cooperation with the approved service providers of the WSET and other wine education institutions. Contact: Tel: +420 702 178 192 Email: (book publisher) (personal) search ‘Winewords the book’ Intro and outro music: The New Investors Contact: Interview Location: MKM Language School, Brno, Czech Republic Host: Mike Mazey, WineWords author Date visited: 19th January 2018