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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Feb 3, 2023

We close out the series today in the company Steve Matthiasson of Matthiasson Wines

00:00:08) Episode intro

(00:01:20) Steve Matthiasson origin Story

(00:08:30) People at Matthiasson

(00:14:20) Vineyard philosophy and viticulture

(00:21:22) Viticultural adaptations to climate change

(00:30:05) Converting conventional vineyards to organic

(00:35:30) Changing flavours of his wines during climate change

(00:37:05) Winemaking at Matthiasson 

(00:39:55) Response overseas 

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Intro and outro music
The New Investors

GUEST CONTACT: Steve Matthiasson, Matthiasson Wines

Date recorded: 24 Jan 2023

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