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Interpreting Wine Podcast

May 29, 2020

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Covering a cognac producer in depth for the first time on the podcast, Frapin cellar master Patrice Piveteau gives an orientation to the 750 year history of Frapin and takes us through the process of cognac production in the region. We of course try two cognacs from their range and Patrice expertly describes the emotion behind the evolution and sensory experience of each. Touching also on the use of cognac in cocktails, and for food pairings, which has helped keep the category relevant and a favourite of bartenders and sommeliers around the world.


Episode outline:

Origin Story

Cognac production

Adaptation in the face of change

The Cognac Frapin philosophy and range

Cognac Tasting

Future cognac drinkers


Looking ahead


Cognacs tasted:

VSOP Grande Champagne

Tech sheet:

Château Fontpinot X.O. Grande Champagne

Tech sheet:


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Intro and outro music
The New Investors

Guest: Patrice Piveteau, Cognac Frapin

Date recorded: 19 April 2020