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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Nov 10, 2017

Show notes: (00:36) Why I started the ‘Interpreting Wine’ podcast and an introduction to Daniel Ramos (02:02) Welcome to the Sierra de Gredos and the D.O Cerberos (04:50) What a bodega! The history of wine drinking in El Tiemblo. (06:30) Daniel’s strong links with Spain and Australia (08:07) How Spanish wine is bought and drunk in New York (and Spain) (09:49) Enotourism: Bringing the Hunter and Napa valley to Gredos. (10:57) Two ranges of wines: Zerberos and Kpi (11:33) Tasting notes: 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, 2017 Albillo Real, 2015 Rose kPi, Zerberos 2017, 2016 (North facing) 2017, 2016, (South facing slopes), Unnamed 17% wine (19:30) Hand-harvested garnacha grown on North and South facing slopes (20:40) Fermented fruit thoughtfully aged on a small scale (21:28) Question of the day: What experiences do you look for when visiting a wine producer? Place (and other) names mentioned: Name of new wine region: D.O Cebreros Range of wines: Finca Zerberos and Kpi Region: Sierra De Gredos For more, visit: To buy the wine: On sale at Enoteca Barolo in Madrid and Chamber Street Wines in New York (among others). Contact Daniel to find out where to buy his wine in your location, Meet the bodega: Daniel will be attending the following wine shows: Enofusión 2018, Madrid: 22 - 24 January 2018 ( Raw Wine London: 11 - 12 March 2018 ( Alimentaria 2018, Barcelona: 16 - 19 April 2018 ( Bodega: Finca Zerberos Location: El Tiemblo, Avila Host: Daniel Ramos Date visited: 6th October 2017