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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Nov 7, 2017

Show notes: (00:18) Introducing the Cataluñan natural wine producer series (01:40) The impact of the regional natural wine scene (02:40) The D.O Costers del Segre (briefly) (03:08) Why Casa Pardet do what they do (05:00) Defining natural wine (Pep style) (05:45) Why Casa Pardet exports more than 90% of their wine (06:45) Tasting notes: Vermouth (made with 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon/Trepat), Cabaret Sauvignon 2015, Cabaret Sauvignon 2014, Cabaret Sauvignon 2014 (oxidised style) (10:31) Blind tasting biodynamic vineyards (11:43) A surprise introduction to the ancestral method (15:49) Question of the day: What makes Casa Pardet and other Spanish natural wines unique? For more information and details of where to buy: Telephone: +34 973 347 023 (Spain) Meet the bodega: At the time of recording, Casa Pardet were still finalising their attendance at upcoming trade shows. Keep an eye on their social media for future updates. Bodega: Casa Pardet Location: Verdú, Lleida Host: Josep Vilamajó Date visited: 25th October 2017