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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

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Starting at the Old Vine House with our guide we are introduced to some of the artefacts and the story of the world’s oldest vine, which grows alongside the property. We then look into the present of Slovenian winemaking, we get an overview of the regions and their influence on the winemaking culture. Before tasting six wines that illustrate the regional style and diversity. The second part of the episode looks into the past of Slovenian winemaking with a tour of Vinag Wine Cellar. Touching on the political turmoil that dramatically affected the way wine was made in Slovenia when it was part of Yugoslavia. You’ll also hear about exceptional vintages to look out from the latter part of the 20th century.

Episode outline:

What happens with the wine from the oldest vine in the world?

Virtual tour of Slovenian winegrowing regions.

Comparative tasting of Slovenian wines

Vinag Wine Cellar: Look into the past of winemaking in Slovenia, inside a concrete barrel

Wines tasted:

  1. Freser, Laški Rizling 2018 (
  2. Sauvignon Extrem 2016 (
  3. Falot, Sauvignon 2018 (
  4. Bajta Modra Frankinja (Blaufrankisch) Rosé Pét Nat (
  5. MARKUS Renski rizling 2015 (
  6. Ducal Wines, Laški rizling (welschriesling) 2013 (

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Intro and outro music
The New Investors

Maribor Wine Deep Dive

Date recorded: 23 September 2019


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