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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

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Episode outline:

Lawrence Francis introduction

Guest Introductions: Karl Sjöström (Fruktstereo), Côme Isambert, Niklas Peltzer (Meinklang), Cédric Le Bloas (Cidrerie du Leguer)

What goes into the cider that you produce?

Integrated Agriculture. Blurring the lines between fruits.

How does the cider message continue to grow?

Tour de Fruit. Saumur Wine Fair. 

The Cider Revolution. The Global Movement.

Looking ahead and new boundaries.


Event outline:


Intro and outro music
The New Investors

Guests: Côme Isambert, Karl Sjöström (Fruktstereo), Niklas Peltzer (Meinklang) and Cédric Le Bloas (Cidrerie du Leguer)

Date recorded: 10 March 2019, Raw London