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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Nov 28, 2019

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Questions: (asked by Monty Waldin)

  1. Podcasting started as a niche medium and is now increasingly becoming mainstream. Why is it growing in your view? How can podcasters leverage this interest, what is your strategy?
  2. Anyone with a voice and an internet connection can become a broadcaster. Is podcasting’s low technical barrier to entry a good or bad thing from a wine perspective?
  3. Wine is a still a confusing, frustrating, snobby minority sport for most everyday mortals? The BBC’s mantra is to educate, inform and entertain. Should podcasts share these exact same goals?
  4. In what ways can podcasts be useful for students facing wine tasting exams (Master Sommelier, WSET, Master of Wine…)?
  5. What potential revenue streams are there?
  6. Is generating a revenue stream (via advertising or sponsorship) integral to a successful podcast? Listeners are unlikely to fast forward a podcast if a short audio ad starts to run (by the time you have found the fast forward button the ad has finished) so the potential for a captive audience exists with this medium.
  7. How do you grow an audience for your podcast? (a question for Lawrence). Research in the UK in September 2018 by Ofcom suggested half of UK podcast listeners were under 35. 
  8. Sustainability and climate change are dominating all news agendas, not just wine. How can audio play a role in making the wine industry greener, and more inclusive?
  9. How close away are we from Peak Podcast (a surfeit of players) and what might the implications be?
  10. Should wine podcasts be studio based, or should more be made on location?

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Intro and outro music
The New Investors

Guest: Lawrence Francis, Podcasting Q&A

Date recorded: 26 November 2019

Location: Interpreting Wine HQ


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