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Interpreting Wine Podcast

May 23, 2024

We kick things off this series today in the company of Jenni Davis of Grape Nights. In today’s conversation we focus on her journey of planting a small vineyard. And the challenges she and her husband have overcome to this point.

(00:00:08) Episode intro

Jenni Davis Origin Story

Starting the Wine Journey


May 16, 2024

(00:00:08) Episode intro

(00:01:50) Hannah Tovey - Event Director

(00:02:50) Reflections on London Wine Fair 2023 

(00:06:50) New and returning exhibitors at LWF 2024

(00:12:30) Interpreting Wine reflections on exhibitors from New York, Serbia and Georgia

(00:14:28) London Wine Fair Pop ups - including New Zealand,...

May 13, 2024

I’m Lawrence Francis, Host of Interpreting Wine, welcoming you to a special episode featuring Milos Panjkovic of Serbian Winery Vinarija Panjkovic. This episode has been specially commissioned for your listening pleasure by Vinarija Panjkovic.

An episode which weaves together Interpreting Wine’s six wine stories,...

May 9, 2024

I’m Lawrence Francis, Host of Interpreting Wine. Today we feature the first talk at the recent Real Wine Fair 2024. The mighty topic A Question of Taste. Featuring author Alice Feiring and Doug Wregg of Les Caves de Pyrene – hosted by Christina Pickard of Wine Enthusiast.

I love being able to share this talk with...

May 6, 2024

I’m Lawrence Francis, Host of Interpreting Wine. Today we look ahead to Festival Naturalista 2024 in the company of organiser Nadja Miklusicak. This year’s edition takes place on Saturday 1 June 2024. 

*Tickets are now on sale at

Nadja and husband Andrej have made wine in Svaty Jur, Slovakia since...