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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

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Laure Patry Executive Head Sommelier for Jason Atherton (Social Company) is a former guest on Interpreting Wine, previously appearing in April 2018 in episode 66. She starts this conversation by bringing us up to speed with the last 29 months, the openings sheโ€™s been involved with and how her role has changed. I was then keen for her to describe the early days of the pandemic and how they mobilised as a team to first clost sites and ultimately make the most of the lockdown and the unexpected learning opportunities it presented. Laure describes how suppliers and producers embraced technology and were extremely generous in the face of uncertainty. She talks price and how the lockdown has educated customers and staff on the real cost of high quality ingredients. Before looking ahead to the end of the furlough scheme and ending on a positive with future opportunities for sommeliers


Episode outline:

Catch up

Inside the early days of the pandemic



Price sensitivity


The customer experience

Innovation in the sector

Future opportunities for sommeliers

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The Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit was recorded in September 2020, with the world still recovering from the global pandemic and the hospitality sector particularly challenged. This series of seven episodes features some of the UKโ€™s most respected voices discussing the impacts on wine, food, cocktails, bars, retail and events. Listen, share ideas and reconnect during this four day virtual summit held across web, podcast and social media. Please spread the word using the hashtag IW Summit and encourage anyone who might be interested to sign up at 


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Guest: Laure Patry, Social Company

Date recorded: 4 September 2020