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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

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Welcome to Day 4, Session 1 of the Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit 2020. Today is unfortunately already the final day of the summit, but we’re going out in style with a look at the impact on retail during the pandemic. We start with former Interpreting Wine podcast guest James Dawson, Entrepreneur Founder of Humble Grape, a group of hybrid wine bars and stores in London. 

He brings us up to date with the opening of Humble Grape’s fifth site in Canary Wharf last year and the immediate impact of the pandemic in March 2020. Right the way up to their recovery during August and the government's recent 6 person cap on groups in all hospitality venues. He talks about an experience based business and how this might differ from a retail based one. We talk potential legal recourse to the existing situation. Before he contrasts his experience of London, France and New York, rounds up the most successful innovations Humble Grape have implemented over lockdown. And looks ahead to how we recover from this situation.


Episode outline:

Catch up

Is retail the saviour?

The impact of coronavirus on an experience based business

Legal recourse

Contrast between London, France and New York

Innovation at Humble Grape

Optimism for the future 


Guest links:

London Real interview:

The Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit was recorded in September 2020, with the world recovering from the global pandemic and the hospitality sector still particularly challenged. This series of seven episodes features some of the UK’s most respected voices discussing the impacts on wine, food, cocktails, bars, retail and events. Listen, share ideas and reconnect during this four day virtual summit held across web, podcast and social media. Please do share using the hashtag IW Summit and encourage anyone who might be interested to sign up at 


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Guest: James Dawson, Humble Grape

Date recorded: 12 September 2020