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Interpreting Wine Podcast

May 12, 2022

Following my conversation with Steve Warner, President of the Washington State Wine Commission in Episode 465, with coverage of the Washington Wine annual tasting 2022 held in May 2022. 

Told through the voices of winery representatives, trade attendees and masterclasses hosted by Jamie Goode, this episode provides an in-depth snapshot of the current state of Washington wine.

You can find below details of all wines I tasted with producers on the day and those featured during Jamie’s masterclasses. We kick things off with two conversations I had early on with representatives from two wineries present on the day, Gramercy Cellars and Mark Ryan Winery. Enjoy.

Podcast guests:

Drew Mahan, Gramercy Cellars. Tasted: John Lewis Syrah, 2018. Importer: Flint Wines

Mark Ryan McNeilly, Mark Ryan Winery. Tasted: The Dissident, 2019. Seeking UK Importer.

Jamie Goode Masterclass. Washington State wine overview.

Amy Baigent, Majestic and Arrow Wines

Dan Belmont, Good Wine Good People

Janna Rinker, Delille Cellars. Tasted: De Lille Chaleur Blanc. Seeking UK Importer.

Craig Mitchell, Ch Ste. Michelle. Tasted:Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. Importer: Enotria


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Intro and outro music
The New Investors


Washington State 101 presentation:

Masterclass Wines tasted on the day:

The core varieties: four of the most widely planted varieties in Washington State

Ste Michelle Riesling

Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Gramercy Lagnieppe Syrah

Saviah Syrah The Stones Speak

Millbrandt Chardonnay

Woodward Canyon Old Vines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Col Solare Cabernet Sauvignon

Blends: Increasingly impressive results are achieved by blending varieties together in Washington State

De Lille Chaleur Blanc

Terra Blanca Onyx

Saviah Cellars Hunt and Gather

Mark Ryan Dissident

L’Ecole 41 Ferguson

Seven Hills Ciel du Cheval

Terra Blanca Arch Terrace Triple Threat

Date recorded: 9 May 2022

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