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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

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I continue my journey in the Czech Republic, visiting Gurdau Winery in KurdÄ›jov. We hear the story of how the region’s vineyards fell into disrepair, reducing from 400 ha to zero as recently as the 1960s. Before taking a deep dive into the operations of the winery, its famous mentor and plans to grow their footprint sustainably and sensitively to their picturesque surroundings. 

With 80% of production is riesling we focus on the grape for the tasting, tasting recent vintages of the village, premium and sweet ranges. Before she looks ahead to the coming 12 months for the winery.


Episode outline:

Origin Story


Gurdau vineyards


Looking ahead


Wines tasted:

  1. Riesling 2018, Vesnice Kurdějov
  2. Riesling 2019, Vesnice Kurdějov
  3. Riesling 2019, Stará Hora
  4. Sweet Riesling 2019, Stará Hora


Intro and outro music
The New Investors

Guest: Natalia Dvorak, Gurdau Winery

Date recorded: 13 Aug 2020

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