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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Jul 10, 2020

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We finish this Slovenia series with a visit to Zaro wines in the Istrian peninsula. Perhaps fittingly they are located in the far West of Slovenia, close to borders with Italy and Croatia. Even more fittingly the rain was coming down as we sheltered under an umbrella for Matej to describe the history, landscape and microclimate of his vineyard sites. This informs the house philosophy to grape growing and winemaking, and ultimately the style of the wine. From our spot in the vineyards we head to the cellar and taste a trio of barrel samples. Before heading to the Manzoli Wine Bar in the centre of Isola, where we taste the current vintages of the previously tasted barrel samples. And finish proceedings with a tasting of two reds. Listen right the way through for details of the Orange Wine Festival that the winery helps to arrange in Vienna.


Episode outline:

Hillside: Terroir Origin Story

Cellar: Barrel sample tasting

Manzioli Wine Bar: Tasting

Orange Wine Festival

Wines tasted in cellar

  1. Malvazija Istriana 2019 Barrel Sample
  2. Malvazija Istriana (skin contact) 2019 Barrel Sample
  3. Malvazija Istriana (skin contact) 2018 Barrel Sample

Wines tasted in wine bar

  1. Malvazija Istriana 2018
  2. Malvazija Istriana (skin contact) 2017
  3. Zaro Refosk 2016
  4. Zaro ‘Gran Morer’ 2016

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Intro and outro music
The New Investors

Guest: Matej Zaro, Zaro Wines

Date recorded: 25 September 2019

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