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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Oct 15, 2017

Show notes: (0:25) Intro: A bodega transmitting their unique location through its wines (1:39) The region: Welcome to the Basque Country and its valleys (2:20) The bodega: From Hawaii to the North of Spain (via France) (5:18) What’s happening in the market: To orange wine or not to orange wine? (6:00) Marketing: Why 90% of their wine leaves Spain! (7:40) Enotourism offering: (not) the Bhilar Hilton (10:17) Marketing: The three levels of wine from Bodegas Bhilar (11:22) Tasting notes: Lagrimas de Graciano (2016), Bhilar (2015), Phincas 2013 (15:48) How the grapes are grown: Horses and grapes, a match made in heaven (19:10) Processing: Minimal intervention natural wine? (21:40) Ageing: Thoughtful integration of flavours. (22:17) Question of the Day: What does and doesn’t go into a ‘natural wine’? Place names: Village name: Elvillar (castellano) or Bilar (Basque) For more, visit: (to buy Melanie’s book) To buy the wine: Internationally, Bodegas Bhilar work with small importers in UK, USA, Northern Europe, Sydney and Asia. In Spain, their national distributor is Alma Vinos Unicos. They also work with distributors in San Sebastian (Goñi Ardoteka), Galicia (Delectos Compostela) and Barcelona (Sentits Barcelona). Meet the bodega: Bodegas Bhilar do not plan to attend any trade shows next year, but if you are close to Elvillar please make contact. Bodega: Bodegas Bhilar Location: Elvillar Hosts: Melanie Hickman and David Sampedro Gil Date visited: 1 October 2017