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Interpreting Wine Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

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Welcome to Day 4, Session 2 of the Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit 2020. All good things must come to an end and so it is with the summit. Four days of fantastic talks, ideas and positivity from some of the leading lights in wine, restaurants, cocktails and retail. And what better way to close out than welcoming back Dawn Davies MW of The Whisky Exchange. She is now a record holding Interpreting Wine guest, making her fourth appearance. We start with an update from her about how buying habits have changed since we last spoke in March. We talk trend spotting both in the way that customers buy and how they are experimenting with new products and brands. We talk virtual tastings and their increased popularity during lockdown. Before Dawn gives us a virtual tour of the virtual Whisky Show 2020, the tech, the tastings and the spirits. We discuss differences between the wine and spirits world in their approach to virtual. She offers some advice to the service sector of hospitality and finishes looking back to the charity auction


Episode outline:

The Whisky Exchange retail update

Trend spotting for consumers and brands

Virtual tastings

The Whisky Show 2020

Wine and Spirits attitude to virtual


Guest links:

The Interpreting Wine Hospitality Summit was recorded in September 2020, with the world recovering from the global pandemic and the hospitality sector still particularly challenged. This series of seven episodes features some of the UK’s most respected voices discussing the impacts on wine, food, cocktails, bars, retail and events. Listen, share ideas and reconnect during this four day virtual summit held across web, podcast and social media. Please do share using the hashtag IW Summit and encourage anyone who might be interested to sign up at 


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Guest: Dawn Davies MW, The Whisky Exchange

Date recorded: 18 September 2020